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About us

Legal Collect Me is the first native social media collection tool that allows users to search data from multiple social media platforms simultaneously. With LCM, users can tag and export thousands of posts in minutes, producing legally defensible output in PDF and/or HTML format with load file capability to import output into eDiscovery systems.

Our Team

Clark Rickman


Research & Digital Development

Drew Hyatt

Software Developer

UI/UX Specialist

Ben Jessey

Development Operations

Cloud Computing Architect

Aaron Vick


Legal & Strategy Expert

Adam Depolo

Product Manager

Customer Support & Logistics

People, Innovation, Technology

Legal Collect Me is a team of industry professionals who understand the ever evolving landscape of electronic discovery in the age of cloud computing and social media. We pride ourselves on creating useful and cutting edge technology to assist you in your practice. We not only provide tools, but happily provide different levels of consultation and litigation support to our clients.

Case Law

Request for Production

Stored Communications Act and Avoiding undue burden of producing non-relevant, non-privileged information.

  • Thompson V. Autoliv ASP, Inc., No. 2:09-CV-01375-PMP-VCF (2012)
  • Romano v. Steelcase Inc., 30 Misc.3d 426, 907 N.Y.S.2d 650 (2010)
  • Tompkins v. Detroit Airport, 278 F.R.D. 387, 388 (2012)
  • Barnes v. CUS Nashville LLC, 2010 WL 2196591 (2010)

Expectation of Privacy

“When a social media user disseminates postings and information to the public, they are not protected by the fourth amendment”. Where (SM) privacy settings allow viewership of postings by “friends”, the government may access them through a cooperating “friend” witness without Fourth Amendment violation.

  • U.S. v. Mereglido, 2012 WL 3264501
  • United States v. Barone, 913 F.2d 46, 49 (2d Cir.1990)

Due Diligence

If an attorney fails to properly use social media and the Internet in legal proceedings and discovery, then an acceptable level of care has not been taken.

  • Munster V. Grove, 2005 WL 1364662



  • DAT File

    Export to Concordance DAT standard

  • PDF / Native

    Produce as PDF or native format

  • Bates Prefix

    Include custom bates prefixes

  • Bates Stamping

    Include bates stamps on documents

  • Speed

    produce large sets quickly

Once you have concluded your search and review in Legal Collect Me, producing to the court or opposing counsel is fast and easy. Simply choose output settings and start the production with one click. You will receive an email notification once your production has finished and is available for download. Our production engine is fast and powerful, and easily produces hundred of thousands of documents in minutes.


  • Instant Search

    Search millions of documents in under a second.

  • Hit Highlight

    Native post keyword search highlighting.

  • Filtering

    Search specific media types

  • Native View

    Review posts in grid or native timeline

  • Tagging

    Batch & single posts

Legal Collect Me allows you to do real-time search across all of a user's social media accounts at once. Our search engine returns results instantly across any number of posts or documents. Legal Collect Me also allows you to fine tune searches with multiple keywords, date ranges, as well as different types of posts. Review private conversations, public posts, photos, videos, updates and more with Legal Collect Me.


  • Facebook

    Search over 30 data types. Posts, photos, etc..

  • Instagram

    Native ingestion & review

  • Linkedin

    Search over 15 data types. Articles, shares, etc..

  • Slack

    Search channels & direct messages.

  • Twitter

    Tweets & DMs

Legal Collect Me allows users to import user data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Slack. The process is simple and straightforward: Simply drag and drop a client’s .zip export from one of the platforms above into LCM and the data becomes searchable in real time. Our processing engine extracts all posts, photos, videos, and other relevant media for indexing. Within minutes you can begin searching and organizing relevant social media for production.

Intelligent Discovery

eDiscovery projects do not end wrong, they start wrong. With new types of digital evidence being created almost daily, an informed position is invaluable. Our team of professionals is here not only to provide you with software, but also professional services, which can make a case more tenable and produce better outcomes. We call our approach Intelligent Discovery.